You: "I'd Like a Human Head for My Collection!"

That's great! This is going to be fun. I've tried to streamline the painted portraits into 3 basic sizes and "base" prices.

All portraits are painted in acrylic (and sometimes with GLITTER!) on wood and framed with a custom-chosen frame to go with your portrait. The base price includes the frame, and a painting of ONE subject with one personalized accoutrement (something the subject is holding, most likely).

I welcome multiple subjects and more complicated commissions, but they aren't reflected in price here because there are just too many variables. Please contact me with what you'd like and we'll work out the details! 

And yes, I will paint your cats / dogs / chinchillas, despite their not being humans.


You again: "But I just want one of those avatar things!"

Oh ok, why didn't you just say that in the first place?

All you have to do is:
1. Send me several straight-on photos of your chosen subject, with their hair, facial hair, etc. styled the way they normally have it.
2. Provide some personal information (favorite colors, favorite sports team, favorite type of lunch meat, etc.) about this person.
3. Pay me $25.

After that, I'll make it in my magic computer factory and email it to you in 2 shakes of a Chihuahua's tail!

Me: "Contact Me!"

I am located in San Diego, California, so keep that in mind for shipping costs. My email is


Small Portraits

**This pricing is for painted portraits only.**
A small, framed portrait works best with one subject only.
Base price $250.


Medium Portraits

**This pricing is for painted portraits only.**
The medium framed portrait is the most popular --
and a nice size for hanging in the home.
These work best for 2 or less subjects.
Base price $350.


Large Portraits

**This pricing is for painted portraits only.**
The large framed portrait size is a statement piece!
It's a good size for multiple subjects (family portraits).
Base price $450.